About Me

I began my long association with British cars at the age of 17 when I bought an MGA for $500.00 and drove it home. That was about twice what it was worth, and yes, I still have it.

I worked for a time for Adams & Mahoney on East 74th Street in Manhattan, later decamping for the greener climes of Westminster, Vermont where I still live. In time I came to be employed by the legendary Jerry Goguen after he in turn decamped for Walpole, N.H. and brought his business Abingdon Spares Ltd. along with him. Jerry was a colorful character. His day job, which was actually a night job, was as a trumpet player in the Boston Symphony Orchestra. His “T” series MG parts house having started as a classic kitchen table business.

In 1987 I left my day job at Overseas Auto Parts in Brattleboro and over time worked on just about all the different sports cars that Great Britain had to offer and kept as many as five people busy doing it along side me. That was, of course, Sports Car Services now of Keene, N.H.

These days I still have my hand in, although my efforts are mainly focused on working on some my own cars which are in need of betterment, beginning with my Special Equipment XK 140 OTS sold new by Pries Motors of Hayward, California, which I acquired in a straight up trade for a chainsaw some years ago, and Morgan Plus 4 #4895, which runs, turns a corner and stops just fine, but rattles like the bucket of bolts it is. And there are others.