When I started up my E-type last Fall to make room for the XK 140,  a porous servo completely evacuated the brake reservoirs right out the tailpipes in a matter of minutes.  Given the fact that at 49,984 miles & 48 years of continuous use with maintenance being limited to the biennial brake fluid change I decided it was time to do the 50,000 mile service and a complete brake overhaul as well.  

Somewhere back in the E-V12 era Girling decided that it made sense to counterbore the top pin holes in the rear calipers to fit equal length retaining pins top & bottom with a somewhat sloppy result.  Never one to leave well enough alone I sleeved them.  A close examination of the detail photo in the rotating carousel shows where that counterbore broke thru the casting.  

And yes, Chris and I are still quite busy with work for others.
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