“The heavy March snows have melted off except for a few spots deep n the woods which the Land Rover has found. The bountiful April rains have left the roads clear of salt. Time now to take advantage of it. After using the Winter hiatus to do the 50K service on my own series 3 V12 which included wiring in an intermittent wiper switch (see if you can find it?) It was time to get it out for a little catch up. I’ve also managed to get the new tonneau cover which I’ve had for the last ten or twelve years fastened at the front ¬†by running Lift-The-Dot pegs in place of the sheet metal screws that hold down the outer set of defrost vents. But first I had to lengthen them on the lathe. An early progress¬†picture of that operation appears above, as well.”

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