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Although the smaller displacement cars make greater use of the indirect gears all of them, from the most humble MG TD thru the Jaguar E-type, seem to need some attention to the gearbox sooner or later, although the 4 synchro MGB is the notable exception. 

At Sports Car Services, we are well familiar with almost all of them and we also have the Churchill special tools to make the necessary repairs correctly and efficiently.  In addition, we also have special tooling commissioned to accurately install the later MGA gear ratios into TD & TF rear axles.  Here are some random pictures from our driveline shop.

Patrick assembles an MGA TX

Patrick assembles an overdrive
onto a Triumph transmission

Stripping an "A" type
Laycock overdrive

Laycock one way clutch falure

Laycock Overdrive for A Mk 2 jaguar Assembling Lacock OD on a
Moss TX
"j" type O-D Solving a Moss input seal dilemna
Replacing Moss speedo gear in situ Pre War ENV differential with
rebuilt Healey BJ8 TX
Butch grinds thrust washer for
diff gear change
John and a 3HA Morgan Axle